How to Increase Your Conversions: Campaign Optimization Tips for the CPC Model

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Cost-effective conversions are often the number one goal when it comes to digital advertising. In the CPC advertising model, maximizing ROI and generating conversions is done by decreasing the cost-per-click and increasing conversion rate. Keep scrolling to learn our best practices for guiding your ad campaigns to this CPC sweet spot.

Keyword-Related Best Practices

The importance of keywords is exponentially crucial to effective ad campaigns. Below are a handful of best practices to instantly elevate your keyword strategy, maximize ad spend, and set your campaigns up for delivery conversion:

  • Leverage free tools for discovery and research. Web-based keyword tools provide valuable data, such as audience search behavior and search volume, which can be used to effectively guide your keyword strategy.
  • Focus on keyword relevancy and quality. Quality and relevancy are just as important as volume when focused on conversions.
  • Measure performance by clicks and conversions. Monitoring the volume of clicks and conversions paints a clear picture of performance. With this information, you can adjust and maximize your ad strategy.
  • Trade broad keywords for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords produce cost-effective bids and targeted audiences.
  • Shuffle keywords between ad groups. A keyword performing poorly in one ad group can be effective in another ad group. Take the time to re-assign keywords based on their performance.
  • Build out and monitor negative keywords. Negative keywords ensure that ad spend does not go to irrelevant search queries and poor placement. However, make sure your negative keywords aren’t blocking your ads from fruitful placements.
  • Use historical keyword data to create a proven campaign. A campaign with an entire ad group around a high-performing keyword can deliver tremendous results.
  • Ongoing evaluation. Do not let your campaigns run on autopilot. Gather keyword data and practice consistently adapting your strategy toward investing in high-converting keywords and pausing low-converting keywords.

Enhance Your Advertisements

The quality of your advertisements contributes to conversion rate. Use these tips to evaluate and improve all aspects of your ads:

  • Optimize ad text. Ad copy should be compelling, relevant and timely. This blend of characteristics will entice qualified traffic to click right away.
  • Create clear and compelling CTAs. Simple, action-oriented CTAs tend to generate the most clicks and conversions.
  • A/B test your ads. The data gleaned from A/B testing can help you modify your ads to optimize for conversion.
  • Keep it fresh. New creatives and variations can have an immediate impact on performance.

Optimize Your Account Structure

Your account structure can help you to identify areas of improvement for quick and effective adjustments that influence ad spend and conversion rate. Optimize your current account structure with these things in mind:

  • Ensure campaigns and ad groups are aligned with business goals. Accounts focused on conversions should be set up differently from accounts focused on clicks.
  • Match tightly-themed ad groups with tightly-themed keywords. This strategy improves ad relevance and helps you to earn the most qualified traffic possible.  
  • Emphasize organization and relevancy. An organized account gives you a quick snapshot of performance. From here, you can take action to improve your ROI.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Beyond optimizing your keywords, account structure and advertisements, here are some additional best practices that you can implement to generate cost-effective conversions:.

  • “Best of” campaigns. Put your highest-converting keywords, creatives and text into the same campaign.
  • Constantly research your target audience. As your audience’s behavior, demographics and psychographics change, so should your advertising strategy.
  • Change what isn’t working. Remove ineffective keywords and creatives and replace them with keywords that will lead to conversions.
  • Reverse-engineer the conversion process. Ensure that the conversion process for users is simple, quick and effective. Don’t forget to track your conversions while you’re at it.
  • Test different advertising solutions. Investing in unique units like outstream video, in-text ads and interstitial ads will help you to determine what your ideal audience responds to best.

Invest in the Right Ad Network

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