Modern Benefits of In-Text Advertisements

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Despite the constant evolution of the advertising ecosystem, in-text advertising has long proven its value to advertisers and publishers alike. Simple and effective, let’s discuss how in-text advertising has withstood the test of time by continuing to deliver key benefits to all parties involved.

What Does In-Text Advertising Look Like?

In-text advertising is a form of contextual advertising where keywords and phrases on web pages are matched with ad units through hyperlinks. Publishers enter codes that gives advertisers permission to link within their content. Once approved, these ad units appear when users hover their cursor over the hyperlinked copy. In the PPC advertising method, advertisers pay a fee when these ad units are clicked.

Modern User Behavior Has Improved In-Text Advertising

People identify in-text advertisements as double-underlined words or phrases. While this hasn’t changed significantly, user behavior has evolved. Long gone are the days of users clicking in-text ads out of confusion or curiousity, instantly boosting publisher revenue while generating a mixed bag of traffic for advertisers. Today, the market is well aware of how in-text advertisements work, and users make the conscious decision to engage or steer clear. This change in user behavior has unlocked additional benefits for advertisers investing in in-text ads.

Benefits of In-Text Advertisements For Advertisers

The continued evolution of all things digital have made in-text advertisements as relevant and strong as ever. Take a look at the benefits of in-text advertising below:

  • Hits highly-relevant audiences. As an advertiser, one of your biggest challenges is getting in front of your target audience. With in-text advertising, you can guarantee your ad units are on websites where your target demographic choose to reside.
  • Delivers highly-targeted traffic. The hover functionality of in-text ads allows users to preview your ad unit before clicking. This means that if they click, they find your ad relevant and compelling, immediately delivering highly-targeted traffic.
  • Rewards keyword research. In-text advertising rewards your time and effort spent on keyword discovery.
  • User-friendly ads. Some ad formats are distracting for visitors. In-text ads offer a smooth and subtle integration into website copy. They’re simple for users to understand and engage with and guarantee an uninterrupted user experience.
  • Builds brand awareness. An engaging advertisement can pay off in the long run due to the added brand awareness of in-text ads through impression. The best part? You’re not charged for those impressions.

Final Word On In-Text Advertising

In-text advertising continues to deliver solid ROI for advertisers. It’s a worthy advertising method to consider. Contact us now to learn more about our contextual advertising solutions, including in-text advertisements.

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