Best Free Tools for Keyword Discovery

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When it comes to PPC advertising, an effective keyword strategy begins with keyword discovery and research. By identifying and bidding on the right keywords, advertisers will hit target audiences, optimizing ROI. This blog reveals a handful of free keyword discovery tools that will help you to maximize campaign results.

The Importance of Your Keyword Strategy

The ultimate goal for keyword usage is to identify the highest valued keywords for your campaign. With the proper research and discovery, you can unlock valuable data regarding what your target audience searches for, overall search volume, and competition levels between keywords. Putting in the effort to determine these values helps advertisers to make informed and data-driven decisions throughout the keyword bidding process.

4 Free Keyword Research & Discovery Tools

The following tools can save you time and money on keyword discovery for your PPC campaigns. These resources will also assist advertisers with avoiding costly mistakes, like bidding on generic and fiercely competitive keywords.

  • WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool: Utilizing Google search data, this simple and easy-to-use resource provides related keywords, organized by search volume. Advanced metrics like competition score are available for an additional fee.
  • Ubersuggest: This Neil Patel-backed tool is fantastic for generating long-tail keywords due to its ability to reveal Google autocomplete data. You can find hundreds of long-tail ideas within seconds.
  • Soovie: Enter keywords into Soovie’s search box and get keyword suggestions from several search engines, including YouTube, Bing, and Amazon.
  • Just like Ubersuggest, Keyword Tool leverages Google autocomplete to provide the relevant long-tail keyword suggestions. Additional metrics, including search volume and competition, will require a subscription to Keyword Tool Pro.

Best Practices for Keyword Discovery

By utilizing these new keyword research and discovery tools, you’ll have taken a significant step toward maximizing your ROI. To further improve the effectiveness of your keyword strategy, consider these additional tips:

  • Research your competitors’ keywords. Paid tools like SpyFu, Ispionage, and SEMRush can provide detailed insights.
  • Use different keywords for each campaign. Don’t compete with yourself on the same keywords. Get creative and differentiate your campaigns.
  • Exclude terms from your campaign by adding negative keywords. This is another fantastic way to hone in on your target audience.
  • Choose quality over quantity. High-value, relevant keywords will outperform broad, generic keywords. Put in the extra time to research quality keywords and you’ll see results.

Remember that the more relevant your keywords are, the more cost-effective your campaign will be. Would you like a helping hand with your next PPC campaign? Reach the right audience today with our latest advertiser solutions.