Best Holiday Advertising Campaigns of All Time

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Every year it seems like the moment you pass the cranberry sauce and stuffing, you’re hit with a slew of holiday advertising. ‘Tis the season! Buyers are eager to please loved ones with the perfect gift and it’s prime time for marketers to unveil their most creative, personalized, heart-string-tugging ad campaigns. With ads becoming more and more a part of everyday life, to stand out during the holidays, brands have been successful by promoting the spirit of the season, rather than specific products. Throwing in some humor and pushing the envelope of what is socially acceptable for an ad has also been a great strategy for many successful advertisers.

Air Canada: Gift of Home for the Holidays #ACgiftofhome


This is a great ad that captures the spirit of giving and the desire to be home for the holidays, all in one. It’s pretty heart-warming and may even bring a tear to the eye!

#Zeitschenken – EDEKA Weihnachtswerbung


An equally emotional follow-up to the previous year’s ad that had people all over the world calling home to make plans for the holidays. This ad reminds us that time spent with family is more important than all of the things we think we need and all of the ways we aim for perfection.

Even Santa Poops –


You might already be laughing at the title of this one! It’s a borderline inappropriate reminder that everyone poops. Very relatable, no?

Oral B – Merry Beeping Christmas


Everyone can relate to this ad’s quick snips of frustration surrounding the holidays. It’s a clever mash-up of bleeps and it’s easy to fill in the blanks. It ends on a nice note, reminding us that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

Glade “The Greatest Gift”


If this encouragement to spread the holiday spirit doesn’t make your eyes well up, you may, in fact, be the Grinch. We can all relate to missing a loved one and how the littlest kindness can fill your heart.

M&Ms 2017 Faint Christmas Eve


This is a great sequel to a much-loved encounter between the lovable candies and Santa. Yellow saves Christmas and reminds us what the holidays are all about – bringing everyone together.

Nick Offerman’s Yule Log


This is an odd one, and perhaps that’s why it works. Who would have thought that 45 minutes of silence could create such a buzz and sell a product? The time-honored tradition of the yule log, coupled with a well-loved celebrity just being there…strange as it may sound, it is a favorite of many! There is also a ten hour version, if the 45 minutes wasn’t quite enough.


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