How to Avoid Embarrassing Affiliate Marketing Fails

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Affiliate marketers need not to be embarrassed when they fail at making money through affiliate offers; even top affiliate marketers have failed at one time or another. Affiliate marketing is something you learn over time and perfect with constant testing of new sources and offers to fight the right mix. Success doesn’t arrive immediately. Because affiliate marketing has heavy potential in generating additional revenue, we thought we would provide you an intro in affiliate marketing so that you can avoid embarrassing fails and work towards success.

Affiliate Marketing Isn’t Always Easy

When you are first considering affiliate marketing, you most likely had the idea that it was going to be easy. You thought you would promote an affiliate product, drive boatloads of traffic, and the money would start rolling in. Then you began the process, and you realized it wasn’t as easy as you thought.  

Affiliate marketing is actually hard work. It’s not a fast money making machine from the get go all. Rather, your affiliate marketing machine will take time to build. Only start affiliate marketing if you are prepared to go the distance. This is wisdom tip number one to keep in mind in order to avoid embarrassing affiliate marketing fails.

Choose Your Niche Carefully

Now that you understand the stamina, the determination, and level of commitment it takes, let’s move on to your niche. Consider your niche carefully. Do your market research and study keywords before selecting the niche you want to try.  This is a common fail newbies make in the beginning of their affiliate marketing journey. If you do not chose your niche and select your target keywords carefully, you will end up selecting products you are not passionate or knowledgeable about. The affiliate market is big with a lot of competition and you will not stand out without a niche.

Use a platform like SERPS to research your keywords before you dive too deeply into your niche. It can give you a good idea of the places ripe for your impact.

Consistency Matters

After you have made a well-informed decision on the field you want to build your affiliate business in, proceed onward, but know that you must stick with it.  Do not skip onto the next thing too soon. In affiliate marketing, consistency matters, and the tendency to get distracted or frustrated is very real. If you jump around too much, display inconsistent tastes in your blog, or show schizophrenic tendencies on your content selections, you’ll never reach your full affiliate marketing potential.

Targeted Traffic in Affiliate Marketing

Another point of discussion we would like to mention is regarding targeted traffic. A common failure amongst affiliate marketers is they did not have enough targeted traffic and thought general traffic would suffice. Not the case at all. Research those keywords for targeted traffic, utilize them and you will get the results you are looking for.

For more on how to build traffic, read our blog,

Building Website Traffic Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard.”

Content is Still King

You may have done your research, selected a good niche, and set yourself up to build quality traffic, but there’s another very important piece – Content. Weak content will not catch any visitor’s attention, and it certainly won’t get you organic traffic from searches in your niche. Make sure you have a plan for content, cover your niche thoroughly and offer content that your viewers will find valuable. Visitors do not want an immediate sales pitch, so be sure to weave in the products or services you’re promoting via affiliate marketing in a natural way that doesn’t feel too pushy. Your visitors want to learn, understand, and explore. This is why blogs or advertorials are so effective when it comes to affiliate marketing because you can share interesting stories that capture attention and include links that your visitors can click. Create your content with the purpose of helping rather than selling, your audience will thank you and reward you with their loyalty.

Be Transparent

One of the most embarrassing affiliate marketing fails is offering links to products, services or content that you’ll make money from, without letting your audience know your intention. A common way to combat the potentially negative consequences of lacking transparency about your blog’s business practices is to add a disclaimer to your site or individual posts that contain affiliate links. Here’s a simple disclaimer a lot of bloggers and site publishers use, courtesy of Vera from Entrepreneurs Unstuck:

This post may contain affiliate links. This means at no cost to you; I may receive compensation if you purchase something through one of these links. Please check my disclaimer for more details.”

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing is Now Possible

Unfortunately, many of those who attempt affiliate marketing without a strategy will fail. Nothing in life comes easy and if you want to succeed at anything, you must work at it and give it your all.  Making money with affiliate marketing is very much possible, and now that you have learned a few tips, you have the tools to succeed.

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