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For publishers, the number one priority is gaining the visitor’s trust. This results in repeat traffic, loyalty to the site, and eventually revenue – when they trust you enough to engage with ads you may be running to help monetize your site. Working with the right online advertising network can help you police the ads you serve that way none of your readers are ever surprised by a NSFW ad, or some kind of annoying, irrelevant content that is harmful to your brand. In order to not pollute your user’s experience when visiting your site, here are some reasons why working with a well-trusted online advertising network is a publisher’s best option.

Maintain Good Reader Experience and Gain Trust

It is important to concern yourself with what ads are being served on your site, because those ads are endorsed by your site. You do not want ads that pose a threat or are harmful to your readers, otherwise you will lose their trust. Sadly enough, ads like this exist and action must be taken by publishers who want to maintain integrity while monetizing. Even when ads aren’t outright harmful, they can be annoying. Maintaining some level of control over the relevancy and decency of ads is a great way to respect the user’s experience. A good online advertising network will ensure your readers are protected.

Gaining Trust Means Making Money

If you want those who visit your site to believe what you say, you must gain their trust. Trust is essential to creating cash flow, because it fosters a relationship that can often lead to a purchase. If you are really committed to your visitors and gain their trust, you may even win their loyalty, and if you have their loyalty, then they believe the products and services your site supports are worth looking into. If your goal is to make money, doing the right thing with respect to your site will earn you the entire spectrum of customers from first time buyers to repeat visitors.

Why Smart Publishers Work with Good Online Advertising Networks

Working with a well-trusted online advertising network will ensure you do not waste money through a bad ad slip up, or annoying experiences that cause users to bounce. Good ad networks provide legitimate ads that are a fit with your goal audience. In addition, a good online advertising network will build your brand as a high-ranking quality provider and build your audience’s trust. At the end of the day, if you want to make money, working with a good online advertising network is one way to make that happen.

How Maintains Ad Integrity has a team of publisher managers that personally vet and maintain relationships with direct publishers. Minimum requirements must be met by publishers to ensure quality to our advertisers. In addition, we engage multiple 3rd party partnerships that scan both publishers and advertisers for quality. If they do not meet our expectations, the relationship is terminated to maintain the integrity of the network. Publishers have the ability to also allow or not allow certain types of ads on their sites based on some defined properties to provide a level of control for publishers and the types of ads their audience sees.

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