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There is no doubt influencers can bring big opportunity to brands, and many companies are diving in head first to work with social media stars to sell products and services and promote content. Despite the boom, some are reluctant to get into influencer marketing because of misconceptions, and others go into it with unrealistic, or unfounded expectations. This blog explores three social influencer myths that lead to bad expectations and missed opportunities.

Myth #1: Photo = Sale

Influencer marketing is about relationship building. Just because an influencer takes a photo with your product and shares it to their audience, it doesn’t mean you will automatically get sales. Sure you may get more followers and more eyes will be on your site or brand, but the process of influencer marketing is ongoing. Once the influencer is able to gain visibility for your product or service the first time, you may want to set up a relationship where the influencer continues interacting with your product or service to convey authenticity. The other part of the equation here has to do with your business and your offer. Is the offer clear? Does it bring real value to the influencer’s audience? Is it a product or a service that resonates directly with that audience? Is it easy to sign up, or read, or interact with, or buy? The bottom line is conversions involve a lot more than a pretty photo on a pretty person’s Instagram feed.

Myth #2: Influencer Greed

A true influencer is one who has built genuine relationships with a following of people who find them entertaining, inspiring or respectable in some way. One myth about influencers is that they want to hock any kind of product or service possible, just to make money. This may be true for some, but the influencers that will make you any kind of money will be discerning about what they choose to promote, because they are trying to protect their own brand as well. Bottom line? Influencers are not all about indiscriminate greed.

Myth #3: It’s All About the Numbers

An influencer with a large number of followers may not necessarily be the right match for your brand because either they do not align with your brand or they do not have any knowledge of your product or service. Additionally, beyond the influencer, their audience needs to align with your brand as well. Both play a huge factor in reaping the benefits of influencer marketing not just the number of followers. In marketing and advertising, reaching the right audience matters, and spending budgets to blast out campaigns without a target just means you’re wasting resources.

Beat Social Influencer Myths

Social influencer marketing is still a relatively new method for reaching communities of clients, and there is an abundance of misinformation and assumptions out there. To succeed in connecting with the right influencers with the right offers, it pays to investigate myths and add to your knowledge base with real facts about influencer marketing. Interested in knowing more? Visit SocialMob.

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