How to Create Geotargeting Profiles on

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The online advertising platform offers the opportunity to create Geo Targeting Profiles so that you can avoid entering duplicate targeting information as you setup your campaigns. This is helpful if you are expecting to create multiple Adgroups, but wish to use the same Geo Target settings for all Adgroups.

Here’s a Step-by-Step on How to Create your Geo Targeting Profiles on

  • To edit the Geo Target settings for an Adgroup, search for the Adgroup in the Explorer Box
  • Right click on the Adgroup name and select “View/Edit Geo Target Settings”
  • This will open the Geo Target editor box
  • Next, create your Geo Target profile. To save your Geo Target profile, add all targeting areas to the right hand side box by checking the box next to the Geo Name on the left and click on the arrow in the center to add it to the right side box.
  • Click on the check at the top of the right side box to select all Geo Targets.
  • Click on “Save GEO Profile.” This will prompt another box to pop up asking for a Geo Target Profile name. You must name the Geo Target profile before continuing.
  • Once you’ve named the profile, you can click “Save” and close the Geo Targeting box.
  • To find your Geo Target profile and load it into a new Adgroup, click on the “Load a Profile” tab at the top of the left hand box and search for your profile name.
  • Click on the profile, check all Geo Targets, and click the arrow to add the profile to the right hand box. Press “Save” when you have completed your selections.
  • You can add Geo Targets to any profile once the profile is loaded on the right hand side. Just make sure to always save your work!

Click here for a video tutorial on creating geo targeting profiles.