Best Video Ads of the Summer

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Ok, we admit, we spend a lot of time online. It’s cool, though, because it’s part of our job around here, and we love sharing what we find. This summer has brought out some great video ads you should definitely check out. Here’s our roundup of the best video ads of the summer.

LG Nano Cell’s Super Match: Gerrard vs. Lallana

This ad capitalizes on the growing popularity and notoriety of futbol and futbol players. It combines an exciting competition with the introduction of impressive new technology, sure to catch the attention of any Millennial. It has definitely gone viral with more than 33 million views in its first week, making it one of the best video ads of the summer.

iPhone 7 – The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day

This is a great ad and it’s pretty easy to see why it’s got nearly 33.5 million views. The Rock is a wildly popular celebrity and in this spot, he pokes fun of his super-action-packed movies. Quite cleverly, his own viral photo makes a cameo, giving viewers the feeling of being in on a joke. The Rock repeats “life goals” a few times in the ad, touching on a trendy hashtag – very smart. Perhaps the coolest aspect of this ad is that viewers get to see all of the helpful things Siri can do without feeling directly advertised to – it feels more like an exaggerated day in the life of The Rock.

Lunchtime is Coming

A smart and culturally savvy marketer will always be in tune with the current trends and crazes. KFC’s summer ad was released ahead of the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones. It played on the anticipation of a new season as well as the emotions of a viewership who lost a beloved character, Hodor, at the end of the previous season. The ad echos the scenario that took Hodor’s life, but is done in such a light manner, that it actually becomes silly. With nearly 14 million views in its first week, seems like it resonated!

Nike #Breaking2: Trailer

This ad is powerful because it speaks to a deep desire in countless athletes to accomplish what no one has: breaking the 2 hour marathon barrier. The brilliance of this video is that, although you see the Nike Swoosh in multiples in almost every shot, they aren’t selling any specific product. They are selling the spirit of competition. What’s more is that Nike is effectively building anticipation for an event where elite runners will actually attempt to break the barrier. Nike will stream it live and there are sure to be hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in to see what happens.