How to Use Ads to Build Credibility as a Content Creator

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Let’s face it, most of the people reading content on websites and blogs probably think ads are annoying. So, how on earth can online advertising help you build credibility as a content creator or website owner? As a content creator, your job is to publish relevant content that’s enticing, informative or entertaining. In order to keep users coming back, one of the elements to build is credibility. Your readers should trust your content, and view you as a professional source. By associating your content with trusted brands like Trivago, esurance, or Norton, your content becomes correlated with both professionalism and reliability, and is likely to be considered credible by association.

Build Credibility as a Content Creator by Choosing Ads Wisely

In order to ensure that as a content creator you remain a reliable resource, you must remember that:

  • Ads should not be intrusive- According to, “People feel overwhelmed, interrupted, and stalked by bad digital ads, but they don’t really mind the good ones.” The more your audience feels bombarded with unsolicited advertisements, the less likely they are to engage with your content. Keeping the advertisement quantity balanced and quality high will allow for a pleasant, relaxed experience that benefits both the creator and the consumer.
  • Ads can never be poor quality- It’s a no-brainer that poor quality advertisements don’t look professional, and when your content is associated with unprofessionalism, it also becomes linked to ineffective products. goes on to say that “Part of what makes ads feel intrusive is a feeling of dissonance, clutter, and lack of coherence with the placement of the ad. Some of those elements are outside of your control, but you can impact much of it with good design.”
  • Ads should be relevant- The relevancy of the ads that your content is associated with is important because it links your content to your audience’s desires. They are visiting a digital media outlet for a reason, thus, the advertisements on that page should pander to those reasons. According to, “Millennials, in particular, recognize when you’re selling to them. And they hate it. StackAdapt research reveals that 51 percent of 18- to 44-year-olds are more likely to trust branded, relevant content than traditional advertising.”

Working With the Right Advertising Network Can Help You Build Credibility as a Content Creator

Advertising, when done right, can actually help your readers, and when your audience feels aided and at ease, your content is what they associate that with. Everybody loves to get a great deal, especially if they are using the publisher’s content to help make a purchasing decision. Facilitating the consumer’s decisions through the implementation of advertisements makes for a smooth, simple experience, and your content becomes credibly correlated to this convenient occurrence. What’s more, discounts and deals are what most powerfully prompt digital purchases. Therefore, if the information you’re presenting is associated with money-saving advertisements, your readers are more likely to prefer your content.