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CPA networks, or cost-per-action networks, are networks of offers that only pay out per acquisition, rather than per view, or per click. Examples of such networks include Commission Junction and Neverblue. Publishers who work with these networks make money when a specified action is made as a result of their marketing. For example, when a consumer submits her email or phone number to set up a product demo, or get a special content offer, the “action” may be considered a conversion, depending on the predetermined goal.

Utilizing CPA networks can be quite advantageous for both publishers and advertisers, but only with proper optimization. Spend-versus-reward is the most significant facet of such a system. Below, you’ll find five ways to optimize online advertising using CPA networks and reap significant rewards.

5 Tips for Meeting CPA Goals


Pick the Right Offer

Knowing your audience allows for personalization and segmentation of offers. Because consumers are more likely to be intrigued by advertisements that align with their interests, tailoring the offers to your specific audience is vital.

Get the Right Traffic

Once you have identified your audience, it’s important that these specific consumers see the offer. In order to reap the rewards of CPA marketing, the right traffic needs to be obtained. While this tip does require a monetary contribution, purchasing traffic is a surefire way to ensure the right people are viewing your site. There’s lots of options to acquire traffic, and a lot of them are PPC networks. But, through testing and optimization help from the network, a lot of times PPC marketing will help you back into your CPA goal.

Use Tracking Services

Tracking services like Voluum or CAKE can help you optimize your CPA by identifying patterns related to keywords, negative keywords, browser targeting, and traffic sources. Detailed data allows for proper adjustments to be made, ensuring optimization. These services also help aggregate your many offers across the multiple CPA and traffic driving networks.

Pay Attention to the Contingencies

Every CPA offer will come with its own set of stipulations. That is to say, some offers might have daily payment limits, geographical provisions, qualifying data, restrictions on traffic types, or other rules. Pay attention to these contingencies to avoid pitfalls associated with CPA.


If possible, the use of geotargeting, dayparting, and other methods of reaching particular user segments could be significantly beneficial when it comes to CPA. Geotargeting is the process of identifying a consumer’s geolocation in order to deliver more specific content. Similarly, dayparting allows for your offers to appear at ideal times of day (e.g. when consumers are statistically more likely to be active online), ensuring maximum conversions.

Optimize Your Online Advertising CPA Income

There are several ways to optimize your CPA income, and most of them are significantly concerned with your audience. After all, the usefulness of your offers is contingent upon knowing the consumer. Once you know who you’re marketing to, tailoring and targeting is simplified, and the acquisitions will start rolling in. As you can see from the five tips above, CPA is a data game, so collect, customize, and increase your income by piecing together the CPA puzzle. The more you know (about your audience, their interests, and their actions), the more your pocket will grow!


Want to talk with someone about how to optimize online advertising campaigns to meet your CPA goals?  We’re here to help.

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