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Share on email is proud to announce a brand new ad product that will make a huge impact for advertising agencies and media buyers seeking to impress major brands. With television commercials on the decline and eyeballs of every consumer glued to their mobile devices, Vizable offers an alternative for advertisers seeking to grab the elusive attention of fast-scrolling customers.

Vizable is a video advertising product that is visible. The video ad doesn’t go away when the user clicks away. Instead, it minimizes to the bottom of the screen and continues playing above the fold with limited impact on user experience. Currently, is running Vizable as an Interstitial, with InLine and Slider versions coming soon.

Get Vizable:

  • Vizible is a high impact unit for mobile and tablet
  • Great opportunity for branding
  • High viewability and great completion rate
  • Premium advertisers matched with top content sites
  • Three formats: Interstitial, InLine and Slider
  • Competitive CPMs

See a Demo here

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