Key Takeaways: Digital Summit LA 2017

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Digital Summit LA brought together tens of thousands of likeminded digital professionals to discuss important issues in the industry like keeping up with the mobile takeover, authenticity in content marketing and the incredible power of video. This blog explores our key takeaways from the summit.

Keeping up with the Mobile Takeover

When considering the importance of mobile, the feeling at Digital Summit LA was almost a collective “duh.” Even though it feels obvious that mobile is a really important issue for digital marketers, publishers and advertisers, the summit tried to drive the issue home during several sessions on mobile.

Here were our crucial takeaways about mobile:

  • Make content, short, sweet and digestible, but most of all entertaining.
  • Work with your tech team to ensure compatibility, deliverability and proper rendering.
  • Use to make sure your content works as you want it to.

Authenticity in Content Marketing

Our most important takeaway from the content marketing sessions at Digital Summit was that content marketing is uber important, and it must be authentic to gain any traction at all. Part of what helps content remain on-topic, on-brand and authentic is planning ahead with a robust content marketing strategy.

Important questions from Digital Summit experts on content marketing strategies:

  • What is the why behind the content? Determine your reason for creating content at all, and for creating content around the specific content you’re considering.
  • Who is your audience, what are their pain points, and how do your products, services, or content provide value?
  • How does your audience consume content? (Hint: Facebook is still king.)
  • Are you ready to create engaging headlines that actually get clicked?
  • How can you be “real” in the way you speak to your intended audience?

The Incredible Power of Video

YouTube is the second most used search platform after Google. This means people are searching for video content on anything and everything. In order to stay relevant, brands and publishers need to consider saying it with video.

  • 93% of Millenials and Gen Z consume video content via YouTube
  • Spend money on video. Produce something worth watching.
  • When publishing content that contains a video, lead the reader into the video. Help guide the viewer through your page with visual cues.

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