Go Native: How to use Native Advertising

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Native advertising is an online ad product that serves content that blends naturally within a website’s content. Solve Media defines it as a “specific mode of monetization that aims to augment user experience by providing value through relevant content delivered in-stream.” The best native advertising provides an engaging experience that invites the user to want to know more and is different from a banner ad which gives a specific offer or call to action.

Native Advertising: Quickly Becoming a Favorite for Users, Publishers and Advertisers

Subtlety is an important aspect of native advertising, which means it may show up as a sponsored story on Facebook or a promoted tweet on Twitter, integrating seamlessly with the user’s experience. The idea behind native advertising is there is a conversion or monetization that occurs somewhere in the flow after clicking on the ad, rather than a direct path to purchase we’d typically see in a display ad. Joe Pulizzi’s Ultimate Guide to Native Advertising stresses the importance of offering information that is similar to what is already on the site so that users engage at higher rates because they are interested in the content being offered.

Hexagram’s State of Native Advertising Report gives the nitty gritty details.

For instance:

  • More than 62% of publishers currently offer native advertising
  • Use of native advertising is on the rise with 41% of brands and 34% of agencies currently using native advertising
  • The most popular forms of native advertising are blog posts (65%), articles (63%), and Facebook (56%)
[Want to know 5 Ways to Stand Out in Digital Marketing and Advertising this year?]With native advertising gaining a strong foothold in the world of website advertising, and with the IAB’s push to properly define and further the discipline, it is abundantly clear that a quality native advertising strategy is key to successful online advertising.

Native Email Advertising

A new ad option we’re getting into this year is native email. We’ve partnered with some well-loved companies to serve dynamic native advertising content inside their email newsletters plus other types of direct communication. In our testing so far, we’re noticing that ROI is much higher compared to on-page native ads. The reason is simple: users have already opted in for these communications, so any native content you offer to them in an email will not only be relevant, but desired and appreciated.

The Many Reasons to Add Native Content to Your Arsenal

Research published by Sharethrough and IPG Media shows that native advertising is extremely effective. Consumers viewed in-stream ads 25% more than banner ads. A whopping 97% of mobile media buyers reported that native ads were effective at achieving branding goals. It’s difficult to ignore data that shows an 18% uptick in buyer intent with native ads vs banner ads.

With the promising results being experienced by publishers, brands, and content marketers, you cannot wait any longer to take advantage of native advertising and make those results your own!

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