Ad Blockers Will Not Kill Online Advertising

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The stats below certainly paint a bleak picture for the future of the Internet as we know it. Some say the popularity of ad blocking will soon bring down an industry of truth seekers, content writers, and part-time bloggers.

Ad Blocking Quick Stats:

  • — Adblock usage is experiencing more than 30% global growth, year over year. —
  • — 615 million global devices are blocking ads. —
  • — 74% of adblock users leave a website with adblock walls. —

However, the reality is that there are some creative solutions being developed that preserve a user’s experience while also monetizing the website to keep it free for visitors.

Ad Blockers Will Not Kill Online Advertising

Even though Ad Blocking is a serious issue, and seems to be concerning a lot of online advertising experts right now, it’s honestly not something to spend much time worrying about. By choosing suitable and engaging ads that are properly placed without disrupting the user experience, the terror of ad blocking starts to melt away. Your advertising network has this all in the bag, so most importantly, trust them to work for you.

Pick the Right Ad Products to Add to Your Advertising Arsenal

Sticking to traditional display advertising can be a killer because ad blockers are most vicious when it comes to that particular type of ad. As advertisers begin to navigate the treacherous waters of claiming space on a website that isn’t disruptive to the user’s experience, or that won’t send a visitor straight to the back button, there is hope! With creative solutions like increased personalization, native ads that blend with relevant content, and better tools to measure user engagement, ads can continue to serve their current purpose: funding the free content that is the lifeblood of the Internet.

Allow Your Advertising Network’s Technology to Work for You

Top online advertising networks and other tech companies have built technology to bypass ad blocking. Sourcepoint has recently developed a software that offers a few solutions. It can bypass the blocker and display ads anyway, tug at heart strings with a message reminding users that the site loses money when ads are not viewed, or offer visitors the opportunity to subscribe to the website for a small fee. PaigeFair plans to use non-intrusive, ad block-friendly ads. Conversely, the back and forth between Facebook and Adblock Plus illustrates how ad blocking and reblocking can be problematic and very complex to execute. Instead, Facebook has moved toward the personalization approach and began offering a targeting opt-out to users. has a solution for our publishers, and we are ready to roll that out on an as needed basis. For now, most of our publishers don’t have a high percentage of AdBlock visitors to their sites. It’s really not as big of a problem as people have made it out to be.

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The Internet Cannot Be Free Without Ads

The point that’s been missing in all the uproar about ad blocking is that the Internet cannot be free without ads. The Internet as a whole needs advertisements in order to exist and be free. That is the threat that ad blocking poses, but it’s not as serious as people might think. Creative and exciting solutions have emerged and they focus on maintaining an enjoyable user experience while, achieving the goal of providing free content through advertising. In the end, the website will ultimately have the final say on whether the user can enter their site with an AdBlock solution enabled.


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