How to Blend Ads Into Your Blog Without Losing Readers

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If you’re a publisher who wants to monetize traffic by working with online advertisers, you need to know how to blend ads into your blog without losing readers. The most important concern for publishers of any type should be the user experience. After all, if your users are having a great time and getting value from the content you provide, they will come back, and that’s the point, isn’t it? Considerations include relevance of the ads, how ads perform and maintaining good traffic.

Maintaining Good Traffic

An important part of the equation for smart publishers is to maintain great traffic to the site on a consistent basis. Search engine optimization, if executed properly, can put your site/blog at the top of search results where it’s most likely to be clicked. It certainly takes some dedication and is an ongoing process, but the benefits to driving traffic are invaluable, and traffic is a necessary starting point for any online advertising endeavor.

Once you have the interest of the Googling hordes, keep it by continuing to publish interesting, relevant content that brings value to the reader. The name of the game is to give, give, give. If you do it right, you’ll get that investment of time, energy and money back via advertising gains.

Keeping Ads Relevant

Always keep your target audience in mind. It would create an odd user experience if you blog about children’s clothing and toys, but feature ads about gambling and night clubs. It’s important to keep ads relevant to the content on your site, or at least to your readers’ and their interests, while avoiding anything that might be considered offensive to them. In online advertising, this is called contextual targeting, meaning advertisers work with bloggers like you to serve ads that relate to the content on your site.

Behavioral targeting, on the other hand, follows users based on their recent behaviors. So, even if your blog or website focuses on aftermarket auto parts and repair projects, your reader may see an ad for diamond jewelry if he has been recently searching for a special gift online and has visited several diamond websites. It is up to you as a publisher to determine the best fit for your readers and to work with an ad network that can support your goals.

3 Ways to Blend Ads Into Your Blog

  • Page Unders are ads that open in a new tab or behind the current browser window. They are unobtrusive and, if they offer relevant content, then they can actually enhance the user’s experience.
  • Native Ads match the content being displayed on your blog and engage the user to explore the offer. The idea is that somewhere in the flow after clicking on the ad, some sort of monetization will occur.
  • Keyword Targeted Text Ads allow you to laser target your audience. This advanced form of targeted advertising causes ads to show up on sites that contain the same keywords, providing an enhanced user experience with relevant action items – your ads.

Tracking Ad Performance

Getting into online advertising only works if the ads are successful and bringing in money, so consider the performance of each ad you choose. This is a good opportunity to dig in and find out what works and what doesn’t for your particular audience. Serving irrelevant ads with offers that don’t resonate is a quick way to lose reader loyalty and see a quick dip in traffic. When ads are focused, targeted and relevant, they work. Track ad performance and analyze whether the risk and reward are meeting up. If not, make some changes to your strategy.

Blend Ads Into Your Blog to See Solid ROI

Partnering with online advertisers is a great way to monetize your blog. Just remember who your audience is and what kind of ads they respond to. Monitor the performance of ads so that you can clearly develop a winning strategy. Successful blending of ads will increase user engagement and can get you the ROI you seek. Providing people with opportunities to further explore relevant information without distracting them from their overall experience is a powerful way to turn these short-term interactions into long-term relationships. Become the reliable resource that consumers are looking for and they will repay you with loyalty.


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