Which Online Ads Perform Best?

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Any advertiser setting out to get more clients or customers online wants to know which online ads perform best, and why. We’ll look at the major strengths of the basic types of online ads, but hold your horses for just a sec! Before any advertiser is ready to create a specific plan for online advertising, there are a few important issues to consider.

What’s Your Online Advertising Goal?
First, think about your goal. Where is your ad sending people? What is your landing page? If you don’t know, you’re not ready for online advertising. You have to know where you want your traffic to go, and what your goal is once they reach your page. Are you trying to sell a product or service? Generate a lead? Share your brand personality to generate warm fuzzies (aka. brand awareness)? Develop an audience for your website and content?

What Kind of Online Ads Should You Consider?
There are several different ways you can go when making your online advertising plan. Let’s explore the three main categories of online ads.


  • Display ads are best used to meet brand awareness goals. It is usually not recommended to use display ads for conversion offers.
  • According to Google Adsense, the 300 x 600 display ad size is quickly becoming a top performer.
  • Video ads convert 20% better than static ads, with an average CTR of nearly 2%.


  • Contextual advertising includes text ads, pop unders / pop overs, advertorials, and native ads
  • Advertorial pages perform better than going straight to a sales page.
  • Contextual ads provide a better ROI than search engine advertising with a lower CPC.


  • Remarketing works well to draw interested customers back to your site.
  • Users experience ad fatigue from remarketing at half the rate of traditional display ads.
  • Remarketing ads cost up to 100x less than ads on search engines.

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