Five Ways To Stand Out In Digital Marketing and Advertising

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The days of traditional marketing and advertising are long gone, but companies – especially large corporate institutions – sometimes find it hard to keep up with all the best practices for digital marketing today. In digital marketing, the emphasis is on original content, great user experience, interactivity, and instant gratification. And, don’t forget, everything has to be mobile friendly. Many of our clients, including publishers trying to promote their online destinations, and advertisers across all verticals, come to us for advice on their overall digital marketing strategy, and more specifically, online advertising.

This post outlines some of the most important tips for standing out in digital marketing and online advertising.

Five Important Tips for Digital Marketing and Advertising:


The most important tip for digital marketing and advertising as we move into 2017 is to remember mobile is the main screen. Avoid the common mistake of formatting only for desktop. Since the majority of people will see your message or ad on their mobile screens, it’s important to tailor your message to fit, and make sure your CTA is properly placed.


Whether you’re an advertiser, or publisher, it is important to test a variety of traffic sources and advertising types. Try new sources and traffic types before selecting an ad network, and experiment with different ad types, including contextual, native, social and display ads. Want to know more? Read our blog on how to choose the best ad network.


Avoid banner blindness by changing out creative, images and ad copy on a regular basis. It pays to be creative, and it’s also a great way to A/B test.


In any digital marketing or advertising effort, the most important place to start is with clearly defined goals and metrics. Everything else flows from there. For example, display ads are best for branding, but not necessarily for conversion. If you’re trying to increase conversions, contextual ads would likely be a better option.


Influencer marketing is the wave of the future in digital marketing and advertising. Having a reputable source or influential cultural figure with a big following share products, testimonials, or content is an increasingly crucial method of gaining market share. Our tips? Be transparent, and make sure you’re aligning with the right influencers.

Resources for Digital Marketing Best Practices

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