What Types of Ads Make the Most Money?

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Maintaining a quality user base of interested and engaged site visitors is key to a publisher’s ad monetization strategy. Without a good user experience for new visitors, you can’t create a loyal and returning user base, and traffic can quickly dwindle and die away. In order to maintain traffic, content publishers need to strike a balance between monetization and making the experience positive enough to keep the user on the site. This blog provides some tips on how to choose the right types of ads to make the most money with your website.

Choosing the Right Types of Ads to Make the Most Money

When done thoughtfully and carefully, exit interstitials or pop-unders that open an offer in a new tab or window can be successful. One example is ExitYield, a delayed interstitial to engage the user with native ads when they’re dormant on the page for a period of time, or leaving the site.

In addition, quality on-page units like Native Ads are a safe bet for a great ad experience that doesn’t detract from the UX – as long as you don’t overload the number of these ads on any given page. Remember, it’s a balance.

Intrusive Ads Don’t Make Money

If ads are overly intrusive and block the user from viewing the content they came to the site for in the first place, they will quickly click away, and you’ve lost any further page depth or potential conversion. Slider units that cover content, overly aggressive interstitials, or auto-redirection from the content page to an ad can all detract from the user experience.

Best Practices for Balancing UX and Monetization

  • Never overload any single page with more ads than site content. The user is coming to your site for the specific content it offers. The ads on page, whether Native units on the page or pop-unders, must be balanced to not overwhelm the experience.
  • If using interstitials of any kind, set a cap on how often an interstitial can pop per user per day.
    If using on page units, provide quality ads relevant to the page content to continue the user’s engagement based on what brought them to that page in the first place.
  • Place ad units thoughtfully on the page without covering or breaking up content. Try using the header, side raise, between articles, or underneath the article.


In sum, creating a great user experience keeps your traffic flowing, and keeping traffic flowing means more opportunity for monetization. It’s all about choosing ads that enhance, rather than disrupt, the experience with your content.