Partnering With the Ideal Publisher, Part 5: Banner Ads

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At, user experience matters. While there are several different types of advertising you may choose to utilize on your site, banner advertisements are one of the oldest and most established techniques available today. Banner advertising is a great way to boost monetization of your site, and we understand how to make those banners work for you.

In any form of online advertising, you need a publisher and an advertiser. The publisher makes the appropriate ad space available while the advertiser rents the ad space to display his or her content. It’s as simple as can be, but our technology enables our ads to reach a higher point of relevancy for site visitors.

Banner ads can be placed almost anywhere but certain ad placements do better than others. The layout and actual size of the ad also impacts the performance of the ad.

As we tell all our publisher partners, it is important that you appropriately place and select your ad sizes. For some publishers, that means manually choosing where the ad spots should be as well as pricing the ads and creating an appropriate rotation.

Trust us, that’s easier said than done – focus groups and split testing are going to help you determine the ideal locations and sizes to fit the design and tone of your site. We certainly recommend making sure your site’s user experience remains a good one. On one hand, you’ll want to avoid creating distractions that take away from the experience, but on the other hand, you’ll want to ensure you display the ads in such a way to generate clicks and conversions to keep your advertisers happy, and thus increase your earnings.

If you’re thinking of adding banner ads to your site, talk to us. We’ll help you choose from the IAB ad sizes available and implement the ad tags. Your users will see banner ads purchased by the highest bidding advertisers via our RTB martketplace on your site, and our technology ensures the ads are as contextually relevant as possible to each unique site visitor.

Let us do the hard work for you and help you get started with a Display Publisher account. Contact today.