Partnering With the Ideal Publisher, Part 4: XML Feed Advertising

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Another tool we offer our publishers to improve their website ad experience is a customizable XML feed.

This flexible, fast, and reliable tool mines smart data using direct site ad spaces, parked domains or search results. That data empowers online advertising publishers to add text-based, high-performing ads tailored to their particular audiences.

Implementation is simple. Add a responsive XML code, customize the look-feel of the ads to taste, and users will start seeing targeted ads from premium brands, based on the keywords they query with – all seamlessly integrated into your website.

Our ideal online ad publishers are high traffic websites that work hard, daily, to engage and grow their audiences. Again, the metrics that determine a high quality site varies, such as traffic volume, time on site, page depth and other user behaviors, but one important factor that every webmaster must consider is the quality of the ads they choose to display on their site. Integrating premium ads like one would get through an XML feed – ads that are strongly relevant to viewers’ interests – can make the difference between an average website and a truly great one.

Striving for a smooth ad experience not only improves a website, but it can also increase profits for publishers. Attractive, well-designed ads lead to higher click-through rates. A higher CTR is the first step toward increased eCPM earnings—thus improving your bottom line.

Since the XML feed can be customized to accommodate the look-feel of your site, no matter what kind of software you use or what kind of website you have, it applies to all high quality sites with strong traffic volume. With fourteen years of providing quality web monetization services to over ten thousand clients, provides marketing expertise and easy set-up, as well as industry-leading net terms and a variety of reliable payout options.

If you have a great website and you’re looking for an innovative way to monetize, give us a call. Our expert publisher account managers are ready to help you get qualified for our network!