’s PPC Search Engines Included in Search LUMAscape

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SEARCH LUMAscape from Terence Kawaja is included in the “Search” LUMAscape, which provides information about search engines, as well as agencies, SEO tools, web analytics and more. is included in the “Search Networks/Syndication” section.

How categories relate to each other within a LUMAscape is just as important as inclusion. For example, in the Search LUMAscape, the categories are broken up into three meta-categories that range from the marketer to the consumer. is in the far right corner, indicating that we’re closer to the consumer side.

Our pay per click advertising solutions help publishers and marketers every day. Whether you’re trying to reach your target audience or you simply want to earn more money with your website, we can help. Our PPC search engines provide a useful solution for people seeking out more information about pay per click advertising.

View the original Search LUMAscape here.