5 Tips for Testing your PPC Advertising with Advertise.com

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ppc advertising test

If you’re running advertising on Internet websites, there are often a few simple ways you can increase the number of times your pay per click ads actually get clicked. Ads per click often have many different elements, from the copy to the design to the placement. If you’re running ads, it’s important to optimize each of these factors to make the ads as sticky as possible. When you get people clicking on your ads, you’re more likely to get the conversions you’re looking for. Part of optimizing ads involves testing.

There are many philosophies on testing. For example, some people prefer rigorous testing, complete with confidence levels, to find out exactly which ads are highest performing. Other people may be satisfied with knowing that one ad had a higher conversion rate than the other.

Pick one thing and test it.

Regardless of the methodology you’re using to test your ads, there are a few general rules of thumb that you’ll likely want to know before you jump into testing your PPC advertising.

If one of your ads is pink and purple, with exclamation-laden copy, and you’re putting it up against a stark gray ad with a minimalist vibe, then you’re testing too many variables. In general, when you’re running ad tests, you want to have a control ad, then you want to change one thing about it to test. Rather than testing two totally unique ads, try changing just one thing. You might want to test different headlines, different graphics or a different offer.

It’s important that you only change one thing at a time to ensure that you’re actually learning something. If you test two totally different ads against each other, you won’t have any idea which piece of the puzzle was the part that helped people convert.

Test the copy.
Whether you’re running text ads or banner ads, you’ll want to make sure you test your pay per click advertising copy. The right copy is critical for getting potential customers on board with clicking through to your website. Once you think you’ve got the copy down pat, change it up and test it! There are plenty of ways to test ad copy when it comes to display and text advertising.

For example, one simple change you could make is changing the call to action and the benefits. If you’re putting your call to action last, why not try putting it first? You never know which small changes could make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your PPC advertising.

Test anything else.
Of course, lest you think we’re biased toward copy, there are plenty of non-copy things to test in every ad. For example, would a registered trademark symbol help your ad stand out? What about adding in an exclamation point? Moving beyond the little details, perhaps your graphics could use a boost. For example, you might wish to try testing your banner ads with two different shots of people. Or perhaps you could use a shot of your product, and test it against a plain-text ad.

There are lots of different tweaks you could make to your advertisements. Try testing out variations (again, one variation at a time) to see which ones perform best.

What are your competitors doing?
One great way to figure out what to test is to check up on your competitors. If you can see what their ads look like, you may have a better idea of what will (or won’t) work in your field. Of course, once you have that information, use it to make sure your own value proposition is strong enough. If you’re running ads that are too close to your competitor’s advertisements, you might wish to change them.

Test for long enough.
Many companies make the mistake of running testing for just a few days, then determining which one of their ads work best. However, this could create a false positive result that shows that one ad outperforms the others. Make sure you run your ad tests long enough to make sure that you have truly valuable results. You need to ensure that you have enough information on both ads to know if your results are statistically significant. Even if the thought of calculating statistical significance makes your head spin, you should run both ad options long enough to ensure that one ad’s performance wasn’t simply a timing fluke.

Creating great performing ads isn’t an exact science, but if you can test enough, you may be able to come up with your best performing ad for now. Remember that PPC advertising requires testing to ensure that you’re sending the best possible variation of your ad out into the world – your future (and your revenue!) depends on it. At Advertise.com we/you:

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