Keynote at the UCLA School of Business: Winning the Job Interview

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Tony Terani, VP of Agency/Advertiser Services, recently gave a keynote presentation at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. Drawing from his fifteen year experience in  Pay Per Click advertising industry, Terani shared with MBA students how to win the job interview. He offers students pithy advice on how to succeed at job interviews, including steps to take beforehand and during, like researching companies, presenting yourself in the best way possible, and interviewing tactics to ensure candidates come across in the best possible light.

Researching the company prior to interviewing is critical, according to Terani. However, most job seekers are content to merely glance at a company’s website before heading to the interview. Rather than this cursory search, Terani urges graduates and other job seekers to learn and memorize certain facts about the company. These include the year the company was founded, the CEO’s name, whether it’s a public or private company, the number of employees and more. He explains that job seekers should also find out who will be interviewing them, then research things like where the interviewer went to school or whether or not he or she was recently promoted.

“First impressions can’t be taken back,” Terani states. Terani explains that appearance is critical not only in person, but also online. According to Terani, candidates should bring copies of their resume printed on resume paper and wear a suit, regardless of office culture. He also explains how important it is for candidates to clean up their online profile, ensuring that their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles are all professional.

Terani offers tactics for standing out in a job interview. He emphasizes that candidate’s listening skills are just as important as what they share. Active listening skills, along with not interrupting, can help them seem thoughtful and intelligent. Candidates should also avoid negativity. Even if a former boss or job was terrible, spin it in a positive light. “[Being negative] is a one-way ticket to not getting the job,” Terani says. Finally, he explains that job seekers should have short and concise answers, and ask great questions. [Support the importance of concise answers by comparing it to how candidates may talk too long or go off on tangents, making them seem distracted; great questions show that they’re actively listening.]

As Terani says, “the bottom line is, people buy from people they like.” He underlines that getting a job interview requires selling yourself to the interviewers. “Managers and executives at companies hire people not only for education or professional experience or their skill sets, they also hire candidates that they personally like.” Terani points out that there are no second chances on interviews, so it’s important to give it your best on the first shot.

By following these tips, graduates and others who are seeking jobs may be better able to score their dream job. Candidates who do well in an interview may stand a much better chance of gaining the job they seek.. Terani’s tips provide a strong basis for students and other people in the job market to do well in professional job interviews.

Do you have some successful tips you can share from your interviewing experience? Share them in the comments below!

Photos from the event: