Our Top 10 Favorite 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

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We’re football fans, but we’re even bigger fans of (great) ads; Million dollar spots with high production value, huge stars and clever scripts?  We’re in!
It took a bit, but we’ve pulled together our favorite commercials from the big game!  Let us know if you have any favs that didn’t make the list!






10. Montana Stain
It’s a simple idea that goes big with an immediate tie to the big game.


9. Get In. Get Happy
There’s something novel about seeing Jamaican accents coming out of these everyday people-it made us giggle.


8. M&M’s Love Ballad
Cute and flows well. What else can you ask for?


7. Leon Sandcastle
Prime Time is back, and he’s funny!


6. Oreo Whisper Fight
Keeping one thing constant while everything else escalates-nice!


5. Prom
Keeping in line with Audi’s slogan of innovation, this spot speaks to breaking out of convention and just going for it.


4. Space Babies
We all have this conversation eventually…why not a baby planet?


3. Viva Young
The make out sesh in the stall was a little gross, but isn’t the food? Either way, we all know the elderly still have a lot of life in them. Rock(er) on!


2. God Made a Farmer
Before we get carried away with the religious aspect here -it’s a poem. The true message is about the determination and resolve we all have to get things done right. We love it.


1. Samsung Pitch
We’re no stranger to the “pitch” so this one had us laughing. Plus, we can listen to Rudd/Rogen banter all day long.