10 Winning Tips on Writing Great PPC Ads

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We all know that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising performs because advertisers are able to measure the effectiveness of their ads and pay accordingly.  But knowing how well your ad is doing isn’t the same as knowing how to get those great results in the first place.

No matter how fantastic your marketing campaign behind the ad, the only thing your target audiences see is the ad itself, specifically what it tells them.

We’ve put together a top 10 list of the most effective writing tips for PPC ads.

1. Write for your target audience
What are your customers looking for?  What kind of message would get their attention?  Not everyone is looking for the same thing, so find out what your customers want and write your ads around that.

2. Write a killer headline
You have one second to grab the consumer’s attention, so don’t hold back.  Write a great headline that sums up your whole message.  Make it a bigger deal with big, bold letters and an exclamation point.

3. Write a great call to action
You’re advertising because you want readers to do something, so tell them what to do.  Include a specific call to action in the body of your ad and link it to the landing page you want them to visit.

4. Write something different
Your ad is one of a handful that come up in a search page.  Look at what everyone else is writing and then write an ad that sounds nothing like them.  That way, your ad is effective and differentiated.

5. Fit the copy to the keyword
Consumers know when you’re stuffing ads with keywords.  Write a headline or description in which the keyword fits so naturally that it doesn’t look like a keyword at all.

6. Match the copy to the landing page
If your PPC advertising message says one thing and your landing page says something else, customers get confused and lose interest.  Keep your messaging consistent and you’ll keep users engaged.

7. Say it fast
You only have a few lines to make your point, and we’ve seen plenty of ads fall flat because they didn’t make the point fast enough.  Whatever you want to say, say it as quickly as possible.

8. Use keyword insertion tools
You have lots of keywords at your disposal, but instead of creating ads around each and every one, use a keyword insertion tool in your ad so that the search term being used is the one that appears in your ad.

9. Use camel casing
By camel casing their text, or capitalizing the first letter of each word in the ad, as you would a book title, our clients’ ads got more attention – and more clicks and conversions in the process.

Here’s an example:
a. Up to 75% off mens shoes
b. Up To 75% Off Mens Shoes

You can see that version b is more engaging and easier to read.

10. Write multiple versions of each ad
Like any marketing campaign, PPC advertising is ultimately a case of trial and error.  You might have written a brilliant ad, but write another version and test them both to see which is more successful.

Your PPC ad has one chance and only a few seconds to make an impact, so make the most of it.  Write winning ad copy that catches more eyes, motivates more responses, and converts more customers.

Stay thirsty for performance my friends!