4 Trending Ad Formats that Boost Conversions

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Advertising is an undisputed results-oriented method of increasing traffic and conversions to your site – but only if it is done correctly. Many entrepreneurs assume that as long as they have an online identity, it’s just a matter of time before they get discovered. They soon find out that they are but a tiny blot in a cyber world where trillions of other websites exist. In addition to traditional advertising platforms, knowing how to capitalize on more niche platforms is not just smart advertising, but a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

Some of the popular ad formats we see currently trending are Alternative Pay Per Click (PPC), Remarketing, Social, and Opt-in email lead generation.

Alternative Pay Per Click

PPC is highly popular because advertisers are able to reach engaged users at the height of the purchase cycle.  They are literally telling advertisers what they are looking for. Delivering on that need comes from proper ad creation, keyword targeting and messaging on the landing page.  What a lot of advertisers don’t know is that there are alternatives to the traditional search engines. Commonly referred to as second tier search networks, these networks aggregate the search and content traffic left behind by the bigger guys and create a single marketplace for advertisers. In addition to more affordable bids, these networks may offer more personal account management, less advertiser competition, traffic optimization tools and a great way to reach even more of your audience.

Social Network Advertising

Extremely exciting at the moment is the ability for marketers to hyper target their users on social networks. Because this user’s information is willingly submitted, you’ll have a real easy time finding your target audience. The goal is to relate advertisements to the interests of the user without being too obvious.  Next you’ll have to come up with a unique way to engage them.  Try something out of the box like irreverent copy or an eye-catching image.  Social advertising platforms are an interactive form of advertising and brand building.


Latest reports show conversion rates for first time visitors are around 2%. This means 98% of web visitors leave without converting. It’s no wonder why Remarketing is gaining such popularity. The fact that advertisers finally have a tool to reach out to these lost visitors means additional conversions that they otherwise would have lost to their competitor. Of course, Remarketing requires discretion and strategic tactics to be a valuable asset in your online advertising arsenal.

Opt-in Email Advertising

Opt-in email advertising refers to working with 3rd party email list managers to promote your ads to their subscribers who have opted-in to receive email offers in categories that interest them. Advertisers are finding fertile ground for lead generation by reaching pre-qualified email recipients who have already expressed an interest in the category of your products or services.  This traffic is highly qualified by the time it reaches the advertiser’s landing page due to the self qualifying nature of emails:  1. email reaches the user’s inbox, 2. they read the subject, 3. open the email, 3. read the message, 4. click on the call to action.

The tools available to online advertisers are constantly evolving. The trick is never grow complacent and always test the latest and uncommon.