5 Simple Ways to Leverage Valentine’s Day in your PPC Campaigns

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Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet marketing mainstay, it works because it’s the perfect opportunity to engage a potential customer- while they’re searching.

Seasonal events like Valentine’s Day give PPC marketers an opportunity to generate even more traffic and conversions off of inflated holiday-themed searching.  Those who don’t take advantage of this increased interest and traffic around Valentine’s Day are letting money slip through their fingers.

Holiday traffic can be highly competitive, but not putting together specific Valentine’s Day campaigns is essentially handing over business to your competition. A little smart thinking and some consistent execution can go a long way.


Here are 5 simple ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your PPC strategy:

Special Offers
Valentine’s Day can get expensive. Who wouldn’t want free shipping, 10% off or a free gift? Make the most out of the holiday and insert urgency into your offering. Offer a Valentine’s Day only special and convert more!

The absolute best way to get more pay per click exposure is to evaluate the strength of the keywords you are using. Keywords are the bread and butter of Internet traffic and having the right combination of keywords is the best way to ensure success. Researching keywords with something like the AdWords Keyword tool to determine what is being searched for the most right now should be the first step in building your Valentine’s Day campaign strategy. Popular Valentine’s Day keywords include “valentines day meals”, “valentines day gift”, “valentines day baskets” and “diy valentines gifts”. Looking over this list is the first and number one priority for capitalizing on the holiday of love.

Get some timeliness in there and brand them so they have a romantic, Valentine’s Day theme or feel. At this time of year, those seeking help with ideas or gifts for Valentine’s Day will be on the lookout for themed ads. Get creative with the ads! Even if the search doesn’t contain “Valentine’s Day”, giving the ad a timely theme will help you stand out and bring in more customers.  Do you sell gifts? Here’s a good title: “Valentine’s Day gifts to please anyone!”.  Do you sell pet supplies? “Give your Furry Valentine Something Special”.

Landing Page
Grab their attention right away with a Valentine’s Day theme and relevant products.  The landing page needs to be enticing, interesting, and highlight the Valentine’s Day items the company is offering. Why not change your logo to match the holiday theme?

It is good to have a focus and a special occasion, like Valentine’s Day, is perfect. Instead of promoting the usual products and services, revamp the website to highlight featured Valentine’s Day offerings. This should also help raise the rank of your site in the search engines as you redesign, and add new keywords, to the website.

Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to get creative and test out some new marketing techniques. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with some of them.