Advertisers: Here’s What You Need To Know About our New Interface

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Earlier this month we announced that we were going to update our search & email marketing interface built for a more effective advertiser experience. Well, the time has come and we will be launching the new interface on Monday, Jan 23rd. To prepare you, here are some of the high level updates and changes to the system’s functionality.

As we make our upgrade, our system will be down on Monday January 23, 2012 at 12am Pacific Standard time.  You will be unable to log into the system during this time. Your ads will not be served until approximately 9am PST and you may experience intermittent delivery for the rest of the day. Login access will also be restored at approximately 9amPST.

New Look and Feel
When you log in on Monday the 23rd, you will notice a few changes to the admin.  We are excited to offer you a more robust and user friendly interface. The snapshot to the left is a sneak peak.

Introduction of AdGroups
As part of this upgrade we will be introducing AdGroups to our system. Each of your existing campaigns will automatically be converted over to its own campaign with a single Adgroup. In addition all of your keywords and all other data will be migrated over without any work required on your end.

PayPal Funding
Looking for an alternative way to fund your account?  Take advantage of PayPal funding and keep that traffic coming.

Bulk Optimization
Optimize the traffic sources your campaigns receive within our Bulk Optimization tools. Manage custom traffic source blocks/white lists across a single adgroup or hundreds of adgroups, all in one place.

Enhanced Keyword Suggestion Tool
We have overhauled our keyword suggestion tool enabling you to choose your keywords in a variety of ways.  Turn a few keyword ideas into hundreds of popular suggestions in just seconds.  We also allow you to negative match keywords with exact or phrase matching options.

Changes to the Approval Process
With our new platform, your campaigns will no longer be paused when you make minor changes. Instead, your ads and keywords will continue to run as is while the changes are pending editorial approval. This way you can continue to get traffic while your changes are being reviewed instead of having your entire campaign paused and losing valuable clicks.

Addition of an Image Conversion Pixel
By popular request you will now have the option to use either our normal javascript conversion pixel or use our new image pixel.  As always, we offer both a secure and non-secure version of each.

Ability to Create Your own Run of Network Campaigns
For our advanced users, you will now have the option (once your representative has enabled it on your account) to create your own run of network campaigns right from the start.  For more information about this, please contact your account representative.

Addition of DMAs to Geo-Targeting
We now offer a more robust geo-targeting feature set that allows you to target entire DMAs instead of just individual cities or the entire state/region.

Creation of Profiles
If you find that many of your campaigns have the same keywords, geo-targets, or traffic source optimizations you will be happy to learn that our new system allows you to save a configuration and then reuse that same list on a new campaign/adgroup with only a few clicks.

Create your own Users
We understand that some of you may have multiple people accessing your account. Now you can create your own users and control what they can and cannot see and do.  Want your accounting team to only fund your account but not be able to edit ads? Now it’s possible with our new user creation tool and rights and roles management.

Integrated Alert System
Our platform can now give you important alerts and information when you log in.  When logged in, you will have the ability to check the “Alerts” page and view upcoming changes or other information thinks you should know.  We of course respect your privacy and allow you to opt out of any non-critical alerts at any time.

Comprehensive User Guide and Contextual Web Help
We have a robust user guide available for download once we go live that includes a search-enabled pdf as well as help files available on every page. When on a particular section of our website and you click “Help” you will be taken to the relevant help file online pertaining to the page/section you are visiting.

Part of our upgraded system includes a new and improved API.  Please refer to for full information on implementation as well as examples. The current API will no longer be available after midnight on January 23rd.

If you have any questions about our new system, please feel free to contact your account representative or contact us. We’re really excited to share our new system with you!

-The Team