XML Publishers: What You Need to Know about our System Changeover

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Our system will go down at Midnight of January 23, 2012 Pacific Time.  Our feed will not be accessible until approximately 9am and you may experience intermittent delivery for the rest of the day.

New Look and Feel
When you log in on Monday the 23rd, you will notice a few changes to our interface.  We are pleased to offer you a more robust and user friendly interface.

Changes to Bid Prices
As part of this change over, you will no longer need to factor in revenue share on our feed. Bid values within your XML feed will change from “Gross bids” to “Net bids.” Please be sure to reflect this in your system as we launch. If you have any “rev share” associated with our feed please be sure to remove that during this change over. We will be passing the “true bid” price moving forward.

Your New XML Feed
It is very important that you no longer use advstrat.wpengine.com for your feed.  You should have received an email in September as well as earlier this week as a reminder to switch your feed to the new url.  This new url is xmlXX.advstrat.wpengine.com where XX is a 2-digit number.  If you never received this email or are not sure what the url should be, please contact your representative immediately.  We cannot guarantee search results if you continue to use the advstrat.wpengine.com url and your revenue will be impacted.

Your login and reporting will remain the same. After the new platform becomes available, log into your account, select the “XML Feed” page and use the new feed provided. After 30 days from our launch date, your old feed will no longer function. Be sure to update it.

Part of our upgraded system includes a new and improved API.  Please refer to http://media.advstrat.wpengine.com/API/ for full information on implementation as well as examples. The current API will no longer be available after midnight on January 23rd.


If you have any questions about our new system, please feel free to contact your account representative or contact: xmlsupport[at]advstrat.wpengine.com or call 800.710.7009.

The Advertise.com Publisher Team