AdTech New York Recap + iPad2 Winner!

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We’ve finally recovered from AdTech, and what a show it was!  The sheer amount of people, ideas and innovation is enough to make your head spin! We’ve said it before, but there really is no substitution for some face time…not the Apple kind either.  In this busy world we live in surrounded by computer and gadgets that keep us connected, it’s refreshing to make an in-person connection and put a face to the name. The show, as always was teeming with marketers, publishers, vendors and technology providers ready to connect, and make history. We had some fantastic conversations and look forward to moving forward with some meaningful partnerships & client relationships of our own.

Of course, we gave away another iPad 2 at the show!  Check out the gallery below for pics of the team at the show, a video of the iPad drawing and an interview with the winner!

The iPad 2 Drawing!

An Interview with the Winner: Alexa Benatar from LinkShare
1. What is LinkShare and what do you do for the company?

LinkShare Corporation provides ecommerce businesses with a wide range of online marketing services including Search Marketing (SEM), Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing. Advertisers can increase their online sales by leveraging LinkShare’s massive performance marketing network, along with expert consultative services and patented technology. Our clients include Fortune 500 and other prominent and emerging companies doing business online, including J.C. Penney,, American Express, and Avon Products. LinkShare was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Tampa, London and Tokyo.

I am the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for our Lead Generation team. I have various responsibilities, but my main one is to manage the new Publishers joining our Lead Gen network.

2. Who was the first person you told after you won and what was their reaction?

A team member of mine was with me when I won! I’m sure you heard her scream! But not including her – I texted my Dad right away because he knows I’ve been wanting an iPad. He said, “You’re kidding?! AMAZING!”.

3. Have you ever won anything else?


4. What do you plan on using the iPad for?

I’ve been using it more than my laptop since I won it. I use it daily just to read the news, check Facebook, Twitter, etc. I am going to use it as a reader as well but have not purchased any books on it yet.