Tips to Combat Banner Blindness During The Holiday Season

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With the holiday season fast approaching and Black Friday right around the corner, holiday shopping is already starting to creep to the front of our minds. Now more than ever, since everyone is dealing with busy schedules, people are turning to online shopping to get their stressful holiday shopping out of the way.  Although most people don’t like being distracted by miscellaneous ads, when presented at the right time to the right person, targeted online ads can help us save money, research new products and update us on our favorite brands. The holiday season is so hectic that we’re sure everyone can use all the help that they can get!

To make sure that you take advantage of all that banner ads have to offer this holiday season, we’ve summarized some great tips to keep in mind when combatting banner blindness from Daniel Yomtobian’s recent article in MediaPost:

1. Timing and Placement Are Key: Banner ads need to be delivered at a time when the reader is compelled to take action, and in a location that will catch the readers’ eye.

2. Surprise the Consumer: A great tool to catch the reader’s attention is Flash, which gives you the ability to have animation that engages the consumer while keeping the file size low.

3. Take Advantage of Remarketing: Use banner space to target past visitors who are already familiar with your brand. This will become increasingly important as the holidays near to help put a stop to shopping cart abandonment.

4. Give People What They Want: Promotions!: Take a page out of Groupon and LivingSocial’s books, but with a grain of salt. Although they often go to the extreme causing advertisers to lose money, offering 15% off or free shipping as opposed to 60% will still catch the reader’s attention and differentiate your ads from the competition.

5. Use Creative Artwork: It should come as no surprise that banners composed of artwork have a much stronger effect on memory and future recognition than banners that only consist of links or text. You need to stand out in order to capture the reader’s attention!

Although banner blindness will most likely always be an issue, the good news is that there is still plenty of time to fix the problem. Companies need to learn how to rise above the noise and capture the consumers’ attention despite their learned indifference, especially during the holiday season. Are there any other ways you seek to combat banner blindness? What about other unique ways to grab consumer’s attention around the holidays?


-The Team