Consumers Remember Ads Better Across Multiple Media Platforms

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Hey, remember that TV ad? Well then according to Nielsen and Google, you probably watched it across multiple screens. Nielsen and Google’s new study revealed that viewing an ad on multiple media platforms substantially increased consumers’ ability to remember an ad campaign compared to viewing the ad on TV alone. Nearly 75% of consumers remembered an ad when viewed across multiple media platforms, but just 50% remembered the ad when it ran only on television.

When exposed to TV alone, 50% of consumers correctly attributed the ad to the correct auto brand.  For those seeing it across TV, computer, tablet and smartphone, 74% of consumers were able to correctly attribute the ad. The study also showed that engagement was better as well, meaning that consumers could pick out some specific details. Only 22% percent of those who just watched the ad on TV correctly remembered the advertising was for a four-door sedan, but this increased to 39% when those viewers saw the ad online.

What’s the upshot of all this? It just goes to show that the value of banner advertising and search brand advertising is ever-increasing. While research shows that TV remains the strongest driver of awareness, the addition of online campaigns returns the highest overall brand impact. Maybe this is one of the many reasons why Internet advertising is up 23% for the first half of 2011?

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-The Team