Daniel Yomtobian’s Pointers on How to Combat Banner Blindness

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Our CEO Daniel Yomtobian recently wrote an article for iMedia Connection that discusses ways to combat banner blindness. He discusses how, when targeted correctly, online ads can help us save money, research products, update us on our favorite brands and lead us to new ones we like. Dan also points out how, contrary to popular belief, Facebook isn’t immune to banner blindness. Rates at which users clicking on Facebook ads designed to generate fans are starting to decline—even as they become more expensive. We thought it would be helpful to outline Dan’s main pointers to keep in mind:


  • Flash banners give you the ability to have 15 seconds of animation. Use them to convey your message effectively, not purely for distraction.
  • If someone has shown interest before, don’t give up but use remarketing. Remarketing helps consumers see banner ads that are more relevant to their interests.
  • Help your audience get to know you better. Tell them how you differ from the competition and highlight your advantages.
  • Give people what they want by including enticing promotions and offers. If you expect someone to click on the banner, you must give them a compelling reason.
  • If ad creative design is boring, you’ll know it. Mix it up to really stand out and capture attention.
  • Stick with online advertising. Most people spend hours per day surfing the net, with banners loaded onto pages where the users are looking at personally selected content, with no ability to fast forward or remove a banner from a page.

Dan makes it clear that when targeted correctly, banner ads are a very cost efficient way of linking you to your customer. Advertisers with vision and creativity achieve great engagement and branding value by going beyond banner blindness and running banner campaigns with highly targeted and enticing content.

-The Advertise.com Team