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Ah, summertime. Think of all the holidays and special events coming up: graduations, Father’s Day, weddings, July 4th… As marketers, we need to stay relevant. To do that, we need to think like consumers (a.k.a. people) think. What are they Googling? What are thinking of buying?

Tips for keeping your campaigns relevant:

Tune up Your Keywords. It’s critical to revisit your keyword research on a regular basis. If it’s been a few months since you did keyword research on your market, you could be missing out on keywords that could bring you highly targeted traffic. Don’t forget to research synonym keywords and phrases. At a minimum, revisit your research quarterly to ensure that you’re connecting with your target audience.

Offer Seasonal Promotions. This is the age of the coupon. Consumers want to see some sort of discount before buying. To increase ad engagement try a very targeted seasonal offer. Think Father’s Day discounts or Fourth of July holiday specials. It’s not too soon to think about back to school offers either.

Whether you’re running PPC, email, display, remarketing campaigns or all of the aforementioned, remember to put yourself in the mindset of the everyday Joe or Josephine. That way you’ll be sure your best customers will find you.

–The Team