When You’re Happy, We’re Happy

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As you may recall, we announced our Email Content Network (ECN) back in January. To recap, ECN connects advertisers’ ads with millions of consumers who’ve opted in to get email updates from our high quality publisher partners in categories of interest. The new network is geared towards advertisers looking for extra vertical targeting for their campaigns.  For advertisers, the ECN expands the potential audience for their products and services by making consumers aware of brands that interest them.

At the same time ECN is attractive to publishers because it ensures profitable campaigns with competitive cost-per-clicks.   So far, we’ve received great feedback on our new product from advertisers and publishers. Take a look at early comments from our publisher partners:

“In the short period of time we’ve been working with Advertise.com, they’ve quickly become one of our favorite partners. They have built some very competitive and high converting offers, and they’re very responsive and easy to work with.”

Proffiliates Inc.


“I normally do not make recommendations. However since I have been mailing at Advertise.com I have seen my revenue increase. My account manager was super helpful in getting me started. So I say… give ’em a try.”

Anonymous publisher

“We have been a publisher with Advertise.com for over a month now. The CPC payouts have been among the highest and most consistent in the industry. The Advertise.com pub team is very easy to work with and they help with any issues. I would recommend any publisher looking for a new Network for offers to give Advertise.com a try.”

Tam Nguyen CEO at Inbox Media LLC

We live to serve our advertisers, but our publishers partners also need to be satisfied to achieve this and it looks like we’re on the right track.  Stay tuned for more comments as they roll in…

–The Advertise.com Team