eTail West: Day 2 – EyeSpy

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Wow! We can’t believe the show is almost over! As we wind down our second day of the show at eTail West, pack things up and head home, it’s important for us to remember all of the meaningful conversations we’ve had with current and potential clients & partners.  These events are rare opportunities to meet some great people face to face and strike up some really meaningful conversations.  As with any human interaction, breaking the ice can be a challenge with the occasional passer by at the shows.

One pretty funny ice-breaker today happened with Irina, one of our Senior National Account Executives at the show.   Roy Hessel, CEO of, was walking the exhibit hall floor and something about our booth caught his attention.  No, it wasn’t our inexplicably loud sonic magnets, or the giant wall of advertisers’ logos that work with, or even the beauty of our wonderful sales women.  What caught Roy’s eye were the glasses Irina was wearing.  As it turns out Irina had purchased them through!  Now that’s an ice breaker!  Irina and Roy then engaged in a conversation about what can do for  Once again, Remarketing was the hot topic of conversation and Irina filled Roy in on all of the Remarketing goodness had to offer and will be in touch about running a test.

The universe has its way  full of fun little coincidences like these and it’s important to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities.