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Our sales team is hard at work over at eTail West in beautiful Palm Desert, California and the floor is buzzing.  We certainly have a lot to offer e-tailers when it comes to marketing solutions but it seems that our Remarketing solution is really turning heads.Visitor conversion rates are still hovering at about 4% which means 96% of their traffic is not converting. Their major concerns are how to effectively get in front of their users without “weirding them out” and not spending the budget on fruitless impressions.  This is where advertisers are finding  a fit with’s solution as we instill highly discreet targeting measures and only bill on the conversion.  What’s more, because of of just how effective Remarketing is, advertisers are experiencing upwards of 1,400% ROI on their campaigns.

As a special bonus, we’re offering a free set of customized flash banner creatives available to attendees of the show, but because we love our readers, we’re offering it to you too. To get started, click here.

If you are at the show, please come by to enter to win an iPad and be sure to get your very own set of our trademark sonic magnets!