Remarketing’s Sensitive Side

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We like to consider ourselves leaders in the Remarketing space, especially since we have helped so many of our clients launch successful campaigns with the technology. To be true thought leaders however, we need to give advertisers advice on the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Remarketing…

There are websites that should think seriously about proceeding with caution when implementing Remarketing campaigns. While these sites can still be successful, sensitivity is necessary. Admit it, sometimes you go to a site that you may not want others to know you’ve visited i.e. dieting websites, online dating websites, or even medical sites.  You wouldn’t want someone hopping on your computer to receive an ad asking them to come back for a deal on Viagra.

Advertisers need to keep in mind that the magic of remarketing is in the targeting and not necessarily within the message content. I for one would not want to receive an advertisement detailing my past with their product. The content used in a remarketed ad must be chosen careful so as not offend or deter a visitor from returning to your site. For example, when remarketing to previous customers instead of a banner messaging with “DietSpa! Come back and get 10% your next order” something more general and discreet like “DietSpa! 10% any Order” would resonate with me much better. We caution advertisers to keep this in mind throughout the strategy and implementation of the online marketing campaigns. Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool– use it with sensitivity!