Twitter Announces Ad Platform: and the questions keep coming…

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It’s about time that Twitter announced its ad platform…and even though we all knew this announcement was coming, we are now left wondering how they plan to tackle the advertising beast. According to TechCrunch Twitter has been plotting their ad platform for a long time now, “Last November, COO Dick Costolo told us at our Realtime Crunchup that ads were coming. He promised the new ads ‘will be fascinating. Non-traditional.  And people will love it.’”


We have heard that these ads will be limited to 140 characters in true Twitter fashion which we love; it will push advertising creativity to a new level. Among our many questions, we want to know how Twitter will use semantics to match relevant ads to relevant followers. How many searches does Twitter actually get? Are we going to start receiving targeted “Twads” (yeah…we just made that up) in our Twitter feeds? How will keywords work? If I start Tweeting about car trouble will I get a “Twad” from a near-by mechanic?

All of these questions are still up in the air and we won’t know more until Twitter’s beta ad platform actually launches. One thing you can be sure of, will be blogging about it when it does launch…the good, the bad, and the “Twads.”