Ingredients for Healthy Ad Text

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When it comes to online marketing, whether you are a newbie or an oldie, we all know the importance of good ad text.  Your ad is the doorway to your site and you want to make sure that your door looks a appealing as possible while the user is thinking about which door to walk through. Our friends over at ROI Revolution have spelled out the most important principles powerful and effective ad text:

Keyword Relevancy: Think back to the searches you make, don’t you look for the keyword that you just typed in your ad? You always want to be sure that the searched term is included somewhere within the ad text to make it easy on the user.

Differentiation: The kid in the back of the group never gets picked first. Similarly, if your ad has no color or differentiation from the others, it won’t grab the users attention.  A lot of marketers write ads that look just like the competition…DON’T!.  Are you different than your compeition? Can you offer something different or at least say something different?  Give it a shot, you’ll be pleased with the results.

Call to action: Encourage the user to take action and if possible, give them a reason right there.  The word “”Free” is good, or try “Get Started in 2 Clicks”, “Click Here”. If you ever have any promotions, even for a limited time, be sure to include them in your ad!

Remember to always try at least 2 or more ads at any given time and get creative!!

Happy Texting!