Our survey results shake up the industry!

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The results of our survey with SEMPO have certainly created a buzz in the industry and we are thrilled  that we were a part of unveiling the intriguing results. At such a crucial time of the year for marketers, we hope that the results of our survey will be helpful in formulating campaigns for the remainder of this year and 2010. If you happened to miss any of the coverage of our results be sure to go to these popular sites and read-up!


Retargeting Holiday Gift-Giving

by Laurie Sullivan



Remarketing Rated as Most Underutilized Technology in Advertise.com/SEMPO Survey

By: Nathania Johnson


Is Retargeting the Most Under-Utilized Marketing Strategy?

About Half Think Remarketing Has Much Unclaimed Opportunity

By: Cris Crum

 Retargeting Is Effective but Underused

By: Gavin Dunaway