Sad Sight: Abandoned Shopping Carts

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2286197315_d06cab1778In our review of articles over the past week one that caught our eye is ClickZ’s Flavors of Search Retargeting: Google AdEx, Yahoo, and Beyond by Kevin Lee. He notes that searchers have incredible receptiveness to marketing messages during search sessions, and that the high level of receptivity continues sometimes days and weeks after the search. No quibbles there.

One popular use of retargeting or Remarketing is reconnecting with online shoppers who have abandoned shopping carts to remind them of the benefits of the site they’ve left and to perhaps sweeten the deal to increase conversion rates.  We understand that behavioral targeting is evolving before our eyes. In the not-too-distant future there will likely be better ways to measure intent of the user. Perhaps that can be understood from the pages they visit when they are on a given site, for example. This type of segmenting would give the advertiser a better insight to intent as well as provide a better experience for the user.

When it comes to Remarketing we’re big believers in the effectiveness in engagement—up to 400% increase across many of our clients. Click here to learn more about Remarketing, and as always we’re here to any answer questions you have about this powerful tool.

–The Advertise team