How insightful is Campaign Insights?

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Measurement is important in many endeavors: when we run we want to know how far we went, when we work we want to know how well we are doing, when we take a test we want a grade. It’s no surprise to us that Google is rolling out a new tool for gauging success of display banner buys. According to AdWeek, this tool called Campaign Insights, will crunch data from thousands of users to figure out how many searches a campaign caused post-viewing as well as how many visits to the marketers website… Google Makes a ‘Banner Move’. Google believes that using this tool will allow them to show exactly how much traffic can be attributed to banner ads. Our question for Google is how is Campaign Insights accounting for click-fraud? Will they be measuring and reporting insubstantial clicks to their advertisers? We want to know if Campaign Insights is a true measure of success for advertisers. Be on the lookout for news from in the near future along these lines. In the meantime remember, when you cheat on a test to get a better grade, the grade doesn’t reflect what you’ve learned…just something to think about!4139ruler