Second Tier PPC Search Engines…do your research!

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We saw this article on second tier PPC search engines and couldn’t resist throwing in our 2 cents on the matter… Evaluating Second Tier PPC Search Engines. Money%20MouseWe completely agree with Marc Poirier that second tier is in the eye of the beholder. Using a PPC search engine rather than/in addition to the giants in the industry, allows advertisers to secure prime exposure – and excellent results – without competing against the crowd that is driven to pay sky-high prices. So what’s the catch? Poirier mentions click-fraud and quality traffic control as a major concern with tier 2 ad networks and advises to inquire about their click fraud detection capabilities. We suggest going beyond this inquiry and finding out whether or not the protection the network offers is proprietary. Having proprietary protection allows advertisers to add and remove traffic sources immediately based on real-time information. Many  third-party click-fraud solutions use only automated measures and others are too reactive, taking at least a week for results. We agree with Poirier that second tier networks are worth a try, and we also believe that with the right research advertisers can find a second tier ad network that will significantly increase their business!