Best Buy Shows How a 2.0 Campaign Can Put Gifts Under the Tree

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bestbirdBest Buy is making letters to Santa passé this season with their holiday retargeting campaign. It encourages people  to nag parents and spouses with their holiday wish lists. An email can be sent from children to parents, for example, requesting what they want from Best Buy for the holidays. If the parents decide to click through, a cookie will be dropped and they will receive messages saying “Timmy wants an IPod!” We are so pleased to see a retargeting campaign that is utilizing technologies that are available to marketers in a creative way! By developing a campaign that crosses over many different media outlets, Best Buy has created more than just a message for its audience; they have created an interactive 2.0 experience. Retargeting in general has shown 400% increase in conversion for some of our clients. Obviously Best Buy sees the value of retargeting to get their customers to continue thinking about electronic goodies even after they leave the Best Buy website. Check out this article to learn more about this innovative campaign… Best Buy Plans a Very Twittery Christmas