An Outlook on Behavioral Targeting

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behavioral targetingWe read Paul Knegten’s advice on How Behavioral Targeting Should Look in the Next 6 Months at MediaPost. After reading it we couldn’t help but wonder how the rest of his audience felt about his outlook. He describes a perfect world where every website he visits knows he’s been there and counters his visit with an email offering his some sort of incentive to revisit and possibly make a purchase. This practice is the subject of hot debate in the online marketing world right now as privacy groups fight to keep their website browsing information private, and marketers try to provide consumers with more relevant and beneficial outreach. One aspect of behavioral targeting that Knegten fails to shine light on is that the consumer’s information can remain anonymous. By sending these relevant ads to future sites that the consumer visits rather than the consumer’s email address, their information can remain completely private. Therefore there are way to retarget and ensure privacy while appeasing the Paul Knegtens of the world.


How do you feel about the future of behavioral targeting?


-The team