A closer look at Affiliate Marketing

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A4LR9T0CABWR1PRCANZ7SBOCA99CBRNCAD545RLCANOHN5QCABJZ8IQCA9HFZNZCAXIW3IKCAXDERDXCAUC7TD6CAIEI0MACA41XIBWCADERQ27CA9BUEDECAQ2P6XRCAM6ZD6NCA2PHIABCABZOFCVWe came across a good primer on affiliate marketing this week for those of you who are new to it. Take a look at The New Frontier of Affiliate Marketing from ADOTAS.  For any marketers hesitant about affiliate marketing as a tool to drive and convert buyers, consider that it can stretch your marketing budget in ways not many tools can. Typically affiliates are paid for performance so there’s little investment or risk.  You can also make your way into niche markets you might not otherwise reach. Think about this: Affiliate marketing also gives you competitive presence on sites at the point of actual purchase. You want to be in front of your customers when they’re deciding between brands.

What are your pros and cons on affiliate marketing?

– The Advertise team