Back to School: Remarketing 101

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books%20pencilWith schools everywhere back in session, it’s the perfect time to brush up on some marketing terms you’ve seen bandied about. Let’s start with “remarketing.”

In a nutshell, remarketing is the approach of targeting visitors who came and then left your site. Remarketing aims to bring them back to your site with highly customized ads.

It’s a timely topic. Marketing Sherpa research director Stefan Tornquist and others recently batted around the topic of customer retention and ways to reduce cart abandonment. It’s incredible that traditional online ads convert at an industry average of just four percent. Targeting ads to users who’ve already shown interest greatly improves chances for conversion while raising brand awareness at the same time.

Using a simple visitor tagging technique, advertisers set the stage for remarketing by creating a handpicked group of very qualified web users for upcoming marketing campaigns.

Remarketing works with all channels of traffic – search, display, SEO, CPA, email, natural.

– Team