The internet is a vast roadway stretching far and wide with billions of users viewing sites, accessing pages and becoming engaged with what they see, read and learn. Every site needs traffic otherwise it will become a lonely location with no money making opportunity. Websites and businesses thrive with opportunity when steady traffic flow […] Continue Reading
  Publishers have one golden objective that centers around bringing in the right visitors. When websites bring in visitors, and keep them engaged, they can get them to spend money. It’s called monetization. Make mind-blowing content your weapon for success and create content that is authentic and well executed. A combination of high quality written […] Continue Reading
  Especially in the age of retargeting and behavioral campaigns, ads can be… creepy. You go to an online retailer to buy a tent, and all of the sudden an ad for a cool new lantern shows up in your Facebook news feed. When this happens, you may feel like Big Brother is watching over […] Continue Reading offers several different ad products that align with specific campaign needs. This includes keyword ads, banner ads, pop under ads, and video ads. Choosing the correct traffic type is important so that your ads run on the right network and in the proper format. Setting Your Traffic Types for Adgroups When setting up your […] Continue Reading
  The online advertising platform offers the opportunity to create Geo Targeting Profiles so that you can avoid entering duplicate targeting information as you setup your campaigns. This is helpful if you are expecting to create multiple Adgroups, but wish to use the same Geo Target settings for all Adgroups. Here’s a Step-by-Step on […] Continue Reading
  Welcome to your best resource for How to Create a Campaign on Not yet an approved advertiser? That’s okay, start here first, and when you’re ready to come back, this blog will be waiting. If you are approved and ready to go, let’s dive in! Creating the Campaign Step One: Create the Campaign. […] Continue Reading

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